Why BPD Is Invalid and Should Be Abolished

The pages below describe why the BPD diagnosis is unreliable, invalid, misleading, and should be abolished because it does more harm than good:

#4: Is Borderline Personality Disorder Caused by Faulty Genes?
– A look at how weak the evidence for a genetic basis of BPD really is:


#8: A Unicorn – The Paradox of the BPD Label
– This piece outlines the few ways in which BPD is useful and the many ways in which it is harmful, misleading, and non-existent:


#13: The Science of Lies: Psychiatry, Medication, and BPD
– This essay describes how psychiatrists and the DSM have tricked most Americans into believing the lie that BPD and other mental illnesses are valid, reliable classifications:


#17: Five Myths About BPD Debunked

In this article I attack several commonly held, but false beliefs about BPD, including the ideas that borderline conditions cannot be cured, that BPD is partially caused by genes or biology, and that BPD is a real medical disease.


#19: Hope, Meaning, and the Elimination of Borderline Personality Disorder

This article argues that BPD should be abolished and replaced by an approach called “Formulation” in which people are understood as unique individuals telling their own stories of distress, not patients who “have” an illusory BPD illness that is causing their “symptoms”.


#25: Who Was The First Borderline? From Cavemen and Dinosaurs to Creationism and the FSM
– My satirical spoof of how the psychiatric search for genetic foundations of “mental illness” is totally bankrupt and a metaphorical return to the days of the dinosaurs.



2 thoughts on “Why BPD Is Invalid and Should Be Abolished

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